Deputy President William Ruto has boasted that his political vehicle the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) has the highest number of MPs in the country. 

Speaking on Friday, September 24 at Kitui during the launch of an empowerment program for women groups from Kitui West at Kabati, Kitui County, Ruto said his party has 150 Members of Parliament affiliated to it. 

The DP who was popularizing his political vehicle ahead of the August 2022 presidential race stated that UDA is not a tribal political party since it has members from across the country. 

“As we speak, and your MP Nimrod Mbai con confirm, UDA has 150 members in Parliament from across the country,” Ruto said. 

The DP further rooted for UDA saying it’s the only political party that has achieved the national inclusivity threshold followed by Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

“I’m not saying that the other political parties are bad. All I’m saying is that they can’t form the next government. After UDA, the other political party that has a lot of MPs is ODM with 70 members followed by Jubilee with 25, and Wiper with 22 MPs

“Even if you are asked between a party that has 50 MPs and one that has 25, which one is capable of forming a government?” Ruto posed to the crowd. 

While shooting down the Building Bridges Initiative bill (BBI), Ruto singled out the promoters of the clamor for constitutional change for seeking to create positions in government for themselves. 

“The reason why that reggae and BBI failed is because its first agenda was to create the post of Prime Minister and an imperial president who can manipulate Parliament and the judiciary,” Ruto said. 

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