COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli is adamant that Deputy President William Ruto will not be victorious in next year’s Presidential election.

Atwoli argues that ever since the handshake between President Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga in 2018, a rift developed within the executive that has led Ruto to publicly criticize the current regime instead of supporting it and this will end up ruining his chances of occupying State House once President Uhuru Kenyatta’s tenure.is over.

“If you are a deputy aspiring to be a president in future, you have to support the person currently in power until the end of his term. By doing so, he will also support your bid. You will improve your chances and if you stay humble you will easily get into office,” Atwoli said on Citizen TV’s JK Live show. 

Atwoli insisted that the very fact that Ruto’s biggest competitor on paper is Odinga makes it even more difficult for the Deputy President to emerge victorious given the wealth of political experience that the ODM leader brings to the table. 

“Raila was called a government project but it is the other way round the government is Raila’s project. The man got into politics at the age of fourteen which means he is seasoned and adept when it comes to political matters. He is a very good strategist and the only way you can stop him is by employing an excellent contingency plan,” Atwoli said. 

“I am saying this as a person and not as the COTU boss but if the elections were done today Raila will emerge victorious in the first round. He is the man to watch next year.”

Kenyatta is expected to leave office once his second term expires next year. The frontrunners to succeed him are Ruto and Odinga. 

The two politicians have in recent months been pushing their succession agenda all over the country especially in the Mount Kenya region, an area that is not considered either’s traditional stronghold.

Ruto’s political party UDA has notably won three bi-elections in the region and gained allies in the process and this has led some to believe that the people of the Mount Kenya region have taken a liking to Ruto and his allies but Atwoli believes this is not the case. 

“How did every county government within the mountain region accept the BBI proposal when many thought that they would be against it? If you are to ask the Mountain region for votes you have to go through the leadership of the area. Ruto is not a son of Wanjiru or Wambui so he cannot handle the mountain region,” said Atwoli.

By Citizen

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