Former Kirinyaga independent governor candidate Wangui Ngirici and her running mate Eliud Wanjao have filed a request for the withdrawal of an election petition in which they were challenging the re-election of Governor Anne Waiguru and her deputy David Githanda.

However, it has emerged that Ruto had everything to do with the move by Purity Ngirici to withdraw the case against her archrival.

According to insiders, Purity Ngirici has been assured that she will be given a lucrative post in the government of Kenya Kwanza.

While breaking the news , Ngirici claimed that she made up her mind to withdraw the case following a wide consultation with both the UDA and Kenya Kwanza leadership. Below is what she posted:

“After serious soul searching and wide consultation with my supporters, UDA and Kenya Kwanza leadership, I have decided to take a bold step; One that does not serve to advantage me or disorganize and disenfranchise the Governor but one that serves the full advantage to the people of Kirinyaga.

I have gone against strong tides of pressure to press on with the court battle, resolved to withdraw the Petition challenging Governor Waiguru’s victory, not because we didn’t have facts nor pregnant grounds to see the petition to the end but to allow the people of Kirinyaga to enjoy uninterrupted services.

I wish to grant the Governor the full benefit, space and enough legroom to,without any excuse nor interruptions discharge her duties to our people as the County Head and, as the Chair of the Council of Governors.

Delivering to the people of Kirinyaga is more important to me than political victory.

It isn’t and has never been a matter of life and death. To me,the people will always come first. There is still a next time,my people. And a next time to win.

I therefore appeal to the Governor to tirelessly and devotedly work to deliver the delayed benefits of devolution to our people.

I beseech her to see beyond her self and sacrifice everything to ensure that our people benefit and busk under the shade of the glorious tree of Devolution and accelerated development.

I have therefore chosen to support her in whichever way and to consult from time to time on how to best help and deliver to our people. This does not however mean that I won’t criticize when necessary or call out complacency and mistakes when and if they occur.

I will be the watchful eye of the Kirinyaga people for the next five years. I will share every good idea with her and condemn every retrogressive step taken by her regime. I thereby, very proudly, announce that am withdrawing the Court Petition with immediate effect.

I will therefore and consequently issue instructions to my able Lawyers accordingly. I owe immense gratitude to all my supporters in Kirinyaga and elsewhere across the globe. We live to fight another day and win big time.

Winning is sometimes taking bold and unpopular steps even when they aren’t necessarily convenient to you. I wish Governor Ann Waiguru all the best and good health too as she executes her mandate as Governor of my beloved County for the next four and a half years or so.

May God bless Kirinyaga and the Great people of Kenya. Let’s all endeavour to make Kirinyaga and Kenya smile again. Ahsanteni.” *~Hon. Purity Wangui Ngirici.

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