The International Criminal Court (ICC) has allowed evidence extracted from Deputy President, William Ruto’s file, to be used in the case facing lawyer Paul Gicheru.

The court on Tuesday, August 24, also allowed for evidence filed against journalist Joshua Sang to be extracted and used in Gicheru’s trial.

Transcripts gathered from several witnesses, who testified against the Deputy President and the former radio personality will be transferred to the case against the lawyer.

According to the Trial Chamber judges, the prosecution will rely on the transferred transcripts as evidence against Gicheru.

Deputy President William Ruto at the ICC during a Past Hearing

Deputy President William Ruto at the ICC during a Past HearingFILE

“…pursuant to Regulations 22 of the Regulations of the Registry, the Chamber grants the Request and orders the transfer of the Transcripts and Related Materials into the record of this case,” the Trial Chamber stated.

Further, the Prosecution was directed to inform Gicheru of the protective criteria applied on each of the witnesses listed.

“The Chamber hereby orders the Registry to transfer the transcripts and related material, as listed in Part I and II of filing ICC-01/09-01/20-151-Conf-AnxA, into the record of this case.”

“The prosecution to inform the defence pursuant to regulation 42(2) of the regulations of the Court of the nature of the protective measures concerning the witness,” the Trial Chamber remarked.

The orders were issued by Judge Miatta Maria Samba, who Gicheru wanted to be recuse self from his trial.

Gicheru is accused of bribing eight key witnesses in the vacated case against DP Ruto at The Hague.

He stated that Judge Samba may have previous information about the case facing him due to her involvement in the Kenya investigations and the contacts she may have had with witnesses and investigators in the case.


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