What’s Thursday without Lilian Muli news? lemi give you an answer, Boooring..right? The attractive TV girl in no question one of the most adored by kenyan blogs since she is never shy of delicious stories.

I hear she was spotted with the hunk at the Royal Media Services-claimed Inooro TV, Ken Wa Kuraya, one women can’t have enough of and have been milling around TV sets just to have a brief look at him – including fisilets who can’t construct a sentence in Kikuyu, the language the station broadcasts in.

Kuraya is said to have celebrated his friends birthday and Lillian Muli was inattendance, She made sure the had the
best moments together at the party.Muli gave him the best gift any man would pray for days to have – a kiss.

What’s more, as you may have speculated as per now, the photograph of moment has spread quicker than the Australia bushfires.

Muli is straight from telling one and all, including the prodding blogs, to let her be because apparently, she isn’t a celeb. However, how can we quit expounding on the beautiful newscaster?

Kuraya, if at all he looks familiar to you, used to appear on Tahidi High those days,where he went about as an attractive Geography teacher who was in love with country songs.

Inooro TV, being a new station back then,advertised for interested parties to fill different positions and Kuraya tried out his luck.. Well, the rest as they say is history.

Ken wa kuraya however despite the drama took to social media to thank God for such a fruitful day and even thanked those who attended his friends party.

By Muranga newspaper

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