Media personality Lilian Muli has opened up about dating life as a public figure.

Speaking to Muthoni Mukiri’s YouTube channel, the mother of two said dating before she went on the screen was different.

The sassy news anchor added that she has always wished to have a long-term relationship.  

”I am one person who has been constant on long term relationship.

I believe in relationships and I don’t believe in solitude and not being with someone in your life,” she said.

She said that before she started her career in media, she had dated two other guys.

”When I was younger transitioning into being a celebrity I was in two relationships.

That was different. you meet someone, you like each other, you bond at a level of what you have in common. But things changed after fame.”

Lilian whose first public relationship with his ex-husband Moses Kanene said his love for her grew from the screen.

The two didn’t know each other personally and things moved fast.  

”For instance, how I met one of my exes. I was straight out of a bulletin at KTN and one of my friends told me, there is this guy called Moses who told me that he wants your number. I told her that ‘please forget it, why is he asking for my number.

First forward, I was in carnivore on Rock night and then this guy [Moses] walks in and tells me, ‘you babe I asked for your number from your friend. you are very beautiful and I like you and I want to date you and in fact, I want to marry you,” she said.

According to Lilian, such relationships change because the first interactions people have is they don’t know each other away from the screen.

”The first interaction is usually on screen and it’s like, you don’t know what I like and what I don’t.

For the longest time, I felt it was more of a trophy sought approach to a relationship. We never like had closely interacted before.”

By Mpasho

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