A 46-year-man is battling for his life after his wife cut off his penis following a bedroom misconception. The couple are said to be residents of sagana in muranga county.

The man ,a local farmer claimed that on Sunday, his better half , returned home drunk and cut his penis.

“When I returned home from work around 7:00pm, my violent wife was not home. My daughter served me food and I went to bed thereafter. My wife returned at around 10:00pm and shouted that I open for her the door,” Mr Okot narrates.

“I was already asleep. I felt some little pain, which woke me up only to find my pant wetted with blood,” he adds.

The said wife is apparently on the run with the police in hot pursuit of her.

Mr Kamau says he has for quite a while had conflicts with his wife over her alcoholism and in this way chose to punish her by denying her sex.

“The woman comes back home when she is too drunk. As a man, I would no longer tolerate such, so I decided to deny her sex with the hope that she would reform. She had always demanded for sex.”

The couple have been married for over ten years and are blessed with three kids.

However, the local chief says that the couple has for long been involved in violent fights. He also confirmed that the woman, Wanjiku, has on several occasions complained about her husband ignoring her sexual demands.

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