Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris’ convoy was stoned at a rally in Westlands on Tuesday, March 28 after she encountered a hostile crowd.
During the incident, keys for one of her campaign cars went missing with one of the windscreens shuttered.

Before the stoning, the group demanded that the Nairobi MP alights from the truck where she was addressing the crowd.

Her efforts to calm the angry crowd were in vain as the group demanded money from legislators. Some members of the group were heard demanding to know what she had done for the past five years.

After the incident, the legislator took to social media to condemnthe incident, calling on the Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i and the police to take action.

“Our convoy is under attack. We are in Westlands near Deepsea. Help. The thugs have taken our truck keys and are demanding money to give back our keys. We are stranded inside the truck. We know the thugs. They have broken our windscreen. Help,” she stated.

The police intervened and arrested a group suspected to have been behind the attack on the lawmaker, who thanked the law enforcement officers for swinging into action and coming to her aid.

The police are yet to issue a statement regarding their matter.

” Material things can be replaced . All Glory to God. Awaiting swift action by the Police to arrest the perpetrators; two brothers and a woman. Women should be able to campaign and feel safe along the trail.
“Grateful to Nairobi County Police Commander James Mugera and OCS Parklands James Murigu for responding with speed to our call for help and for taking action against the perpetrators. Violence and intimidation on the campaign trail should not be tolerated,” Passaris stated.

Additionally, she explained that the violence was well planned as she threatened to reveal the name of the individual behind the attack.

“I will allow the police to do their work. I have reported the incident. The perpetrators are known. I even have an idea of who instigated the attack . A story for another day,” she stated.

Sourced from Kenyans

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