IEBC boss Wafula Chebukati has said he did not know how UDA leader William Ruto knew his voters had been removed from the voter register.

Addressing a media conference on Wednesday,  Chebukati said he is not in a position to establish how Ruto knew the allegations.

He, however, denied that one million voters were removed from the register.

“We don’t know how they knew. Maybe that question should be addressed to the Deputy President who came up with the statement,” he said.

“The information of one million was not correct…If the information is not correct then why should we worry about it?”

Chebukati said there were few cases of irregular voter transfer and they have handled them in accordance with the law.

On June 2, Ruto claimed about one million registered voters in his strongholds have been removed from the IEBC register.

“We will take a position on this matter. We are writing to IEBC because there was an attempt to obliterate names from the IEBC register,” he said.

Chebukati however denied the claims then.

The Commission suspended five officers who it claimed were involved in the transfer of voters and filed a report with the Director of public investigations for further action.

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