Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Muthoni Passaris ignited an online debate among her followers for unconventionally mourning her father.

Passaris broke the mourning traditions by posting a photo of herself at the beach with a costume that some netizens argued was inappropriate and seductive.

The lawmaker lost her 79-year-old dad on January 21. “A part of me has died today. The heavens opened and ended my father’s suffering,” she wrote. can reliably report the naval architect was cremated.

So, her daughter was at the beach to scatter the ashes of a loved one in the Indian Ocean.

“Papou, I cannot turn the clock and will never get answers I seek; as you traverse the high seas, know that I will forever be your baby girl,” she said.

The message was the problem, but the beach photo.

As you will see in the comments below, some social media reasoned that the photo did not indicate that she was mourning while others did not see anything wrong.

Lord Abraham Mutai : “You are mourning your dad but posting a picture of yourself at the beach? I don’t understand and find it weird. The picture attached is suggestive. But maybe people grieve differently.”

Bravin Yuri : “I don’t know why you guys are even attacking Esther Passaris. She just posted a photo at the beach where she scattered the ashes of her father. You are saying that the photo is suggestive? Do you expect her to wear a suit or official attire at the beach?”

Mr. Advocate KE : “The picture is not suggestive; it is your eyes seeing things. Who said you cannot slay while mourning?”

Muigai Majak : “I want to believe that in different societies people mourn differently, but this one looks like a romantic ad.”

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