The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has now fully implemented the final phase of the CBA. The teachers’ salaries have been adjusted upwards.

The highest paid teacher now receives a cool Sh157,656 per month; This is a Chief Principal at Grade D5.

Senior Principals at grade receive a monthly pay of Sh121,890 while, Principals at grade D3 now receive a monthly perk of Sh104,644.

Similarly, Deputy Principals II T-Scale 12 (D2) receive a monthly pay of Sh91,041. While their counterparts, Deputy Principals III T-Scale 11 (D1), receive a monthly pay of between Sh77,840 and Sh85,269.

Teachers in the grade of Senior Masters IV, Scale 9 (C4), receive a monthly pay of Sh52,308. They also get a monthly Commuter allowance (up to Sh8,000), Annual Leave Allowance (up to Sh6,000) and monthly House Allowance (up to Sh28,000).

Implementation of the final phase of the CBA has seen teachers move to new, higher, salary scales. Below is the new salaries implementation matrix;

These are just basic salaries. Teachers in various grades also receive TSC allowances.

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