Sing’ore Girls Secondary School is an extra-county school in Elgeyo Marakwet County. This school is on aspot after the suspension of 29 students having detailed some immorality cases. The pupils were suspended early this week having faced the school disciplinary board who settled on choices for the suspension.

It was shameful to the point that a portion of the parents of the suspended students were against the decision. According to the letter addressed to one of the candidates who is on her fourth year that there were claims on the pupil engaging in the school’s immoral exercises. These exercises included; been in bed with a fellow student,molesting others.

The mother of the suspended student made an honest effort to make her daughter is admitted back in school yet her effort bore return.She was informed that her daughter had engaged in the act with other girls in the school.

The school however didn’t have any proof yet insisted the girl was immoral and surprisingly told the parent that her daughter was a lesbian. They could just counsel the parent to guidance her daughter as she is growing up and had no option except to transfer her to another school.

In light of her abuse by the teachers and getting devastated, the mother vowed to sue the school heads if the daughter is not accepted back to School by Monday sixteenth August 2021.She is even looking forward so as to engage lawyers for her daughter to find justice since she claimed she was not given a good hearing that she deserved.

Things even kept on being more worse when another parent claimed that her girl was denied access to the institution after the she was suspended. On enquiry, the story actually stayed around student sharing bed that was named to be against the school rules and regulations.

The Elgeyo Marakwet County Director of Education clarified that the suspended students should seek for the appeal so their matter is revisited.

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