Strange things Sarah did. Sarah Wairimu on Thursday afternoon paid an impromptu visit to the grave of her late husband Tob Cohen.

The visit by Sarah Wairimu came in the wake of a ruling by the high court postponing the succession case until October 2022.

However, Kenyans noticed that there was something peculiar when Sarah Wairimu took her time to pay last respect at the tomb.

Specifically, these Kenyans wondered why Sarah Wairimu was so much obsessed with photos that she had to pose for them besides the grave and share them. According to these Kenyans, the act of posing for photos was strange unless she wanted to use them to gain public sympathy to drive away the guilt.

Others wondered if she was really sad at the grave or whether she went to just have fan by posing for photos as if thou in some picnic. Below were the sentiments by Kenyans:

“And she had to be accompanied by the cameras? A woman posing for photos at the graveyard as if she is on some tour.”

“This woman should be behind bars.It’s really sad that Kenyan prisons are just for the poor. She must be a haunted woman. Greed is not giving her peace.”

“Adjusted the CCTV cameras,,gave employees compulsory leave,, septic tank had new  concrete which made DCI to be suspicious,,killed the guy coz of his wallet ,,may God see you ad may justice prevail to the Cohens.”

“Shedding crocodile tears,,,,,,you killed,dumped the body in septic tank, covered the septic tank with mortar,then pretend and report that Cohen is missing,you board a plane to Kisumu to have good time with your MWK from the judiciary,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, then now you visit the grave,this is insult and mockery to the late Cohen,you will have NO PEACE for the rest of your life.”

“To confirm if he’s still in the grave lest he resurrect and say the truth.”

“The choices we make as human beings leave us tormented for the rest of our lifes. I wish we could choose wisdom whenever we make decisions. Sad.”

“Cohen’s blood will haunt her to her grave.When we choose money and plots over life”

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