Lawyer Miguna Miguna is among those who are not buying the Roots presidential candidate George Wajackoya idea , judging from his recent tweets and comments about him.

Wajackoya has been making headlines because of his controversial manifesto which includes introduction of snake farming, legalization of bhang, deporting the idle foreigners, hanging the corrupt, exporting dog and hyena meat, suspension of the constitution, reducing working days to four among others.

This has kept him at the top of the trending topics and increased his popularity massively but Miguna  thinks that he is not wise.

The deported lawyer now wants Wajackoya to explain several things surrounding his past life and academics to prove that whatever he has been saying is true.

Firstly, Miguna demanded that the self proclaimed ganja man should explain how he ended up digging graves yet he was close to Joseph Kamotho and a Personal Assistant of a renowned person.

“You say to have been a street kid who was adopted by former KANU SG Joseph Kamotho, was James Kanyotu’s PA when Dr. Ouko was murdered, a murder you claim to have WITNESSED, yet you say you washed dead bodies and dug graves to survive. Please explain,” he demanded.

Miguna wondered how a learned person like him would make grammatical mistakes in his statements.

“You claim to have 26 university degrees, mostly from the UK, and the majority of which are supposed to be “law degrees,” yet a casual review of your statements, utterances and writing in English discloses SYNTAX that is not related to the English Language. Please explain,” he said.

Miguna also demanded the presidential hopeful to prove that he has all the degrees that he claims to have and that his professorship was vested by a recognized institution.

“You claim to be a “university professor” and many of us would wish to congratulate you fervently for such glorious academic achievement but only IF you could be so kind as to give us CREDIBLE EVIDENCE that your professorship was vested on you by a RECOGNIZED UNIVERSITY,” Miguna said.

Wajackoya however previously  said that he was one of the people who was investigating Ouko’s murder and the findings landed him in trouble. He was locked in prison but eventually got to be released with the help of foreigners.

He however did not feel safe in Kenya and that is why fled to the UK where he got a grave digging job. At the same time, he worked as a watchman and studied law. The two jobs helped to pay for his university education.

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