Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko claims he has offered to help a 3-year-old boy who had his eyes gouged out in Marani, Kisii county, access specialised treatment abroad but is being blocked by people, he says, who claim it as a public relations stunt.

Mr Sonko said his efforts to access Baby Sagini to have him get specialized treatment before flying him to China have failed after he was blocked from meeting the child.

“We have been trying to reach out to the family of Baby Sagini to take him to a private hospital in Nairobi in vain. We had contacted a Chinese eye facility; Dennis Lam Eye Hospital which conducts successful eye implants and linked us with Kenyan hospital to take the boy for check-up and report but we have failed to get him,” said the former Nairobi County chief.

While speaking to Nation.Africa, Mr Sonko said the boy has missed two appointment with an eye specialist in Nairobi because he has not been allowed to access the child.

“I do not know why some people are hiding the 3-year-old-boy, I have contacted his close family members but it seems some forces are behind them not to allow the boy get support,” he said.

Few days ago, in his social media pages, Mr Sonko wrote “Those trying to politicize the issue of Baby Sagini should watch this video to the end and learn something. I normally don’t do PR when helping people. I have done it successfully many times. So tuwache siasa mbaya mimi sitaki kiti yoyote Kisii na hakuna campaign zinaendelea kwa sasa. Merry Christmas”.

Despite backlash, he has maintained that his offer is still open and nothing will stop him from getting Baby Sagini the help he direly needs.

On Monday, Mr Sonko disclosed that even if Baby Sagini’s vision won’t be restored, the implants would come with navigation sensors which would help the boy get around on his own in familiar places.

Sourced from Nation

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