A family in Kamakwa, Nyeri County is mourning the death of their kin that resulted from a dispute over a three-seater couch on Tuesday, August 31.

The victim, Joseph Maina Kariuki, acting on the instructions of their mother, is reported to have gone to the house of his younger brother to repossess the couch.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), a fight ensued after Kariuki’s younger brother opposed the demand to have the couch taken from his house.

Police officers patrolling in NairobiFILE

The scuffle led to the younger brother brandishing a machete and proceeding to slash Kariuki with it. As the drama unfolded, neighbours rushed to the scene in a bid to save Kariuki’s life. 

Enraged by the turn of events, the locals gagged against the younger brother and were baying for his blood when he took off and sought refuge at Mathari Police Station.

The police took in the accused before visiting and processing the scene. 

“After arresting the suspect, police rushed to the scene only to find the victim lying lifeless in a pool of blood,” the DCI stated.

“The scene was processed by Crime Scene Detectives, and legal procedures pending the arraignment of the suspect have since been initiated.”

The DCI urged Kenyans to always find reasonable ways to solve their problems. 

They also called upon the public to report such incidences and various crimes to the nearest police station for officers to take up the matter.

By Kenyans

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