Scaring news after popular Kenyan member of Parliament is now fighting for his life after poisoning.

Kitutu Chache South Member of Parliament Mr Richard Onyonka was on Friday evening rushed to hospital for suspected poisoning.

Mr Onyonka was taken to Oasis Specialist Hospital in Kisii town after he started oozing blood from his mouth while addressing a huge political rally at Ibacho in Kisii County.

Mr Onyonka developed health problems in the full glare of the media as their supporters and Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati, with whom they have been campaigning, watched in shock.

He later started vomiting with attempts to clear the oozing blood from his mouth with Coca-Cola and water failing.

He was then escorted out of the function by his aides and rushed to hospital for medical attention. The MP has since been discharged and is recuperating at his home.

On Saturday, Mr Arati together with other leaders in their camp said that an unidentified person passed a bottle of water to Mr Onyonka who then proceeded to drink from it.

The lawmaker spoke as he addressed journalists at his Montoto home in Bobasi constituency.

“When he took the water, he felt the taste was different and immediately spat it out. However, his body reacted immediately and he started vomiting with blood oozing from his mouth,” said Mr Arati as he noted that Mr Onyonka will give a full statement once he recovers.

He added that they quickly rushed him to Oasis Hospital in Kisii County where upon examination, the doctors at the hospital noted the contents Onyonka consumed were not swallowed; however, an examination of his mouth showed an erosion and ulceration of his mouth’s lining.

When the Nation contacted the hospital to get preliminary test results or observation, the management said they would get back to us, but by the time of this story’s publication they had not reverted.

“The doctors are yet to determine what chemical substances Mr Onyonka ingested from the bottle of water but have warned that the substance ingested would have been fatal if it found its way into the stomach lining of Mr Onyonka,” Mr Arati said.

He noted that the doctors are not ruling out poisoning.

“I wish to inform our concerned supporters, friends and colleagues that the doctors have since assured us that the MP is out of danger and is currently recuperating at home,” he said.

The Dagoretti North lawmaker noted that the person who served him the said water is being sought by authorities.

“I wish to appeal to members of the

public who attended the public rally to volunteer any information in their possession to the local police,” he said.

Mr Arati said that his office is working round the clock with the help of relevant authorities to exposed those behind what now appears to be an attempt on the life of Mr Onyonka.

“We have suspended all political engagements as we take stock of this unfortunate incident,” he said.

Kisii County Assembly Deputy Speaker Mr Davins Onuso said he is deeply concerned with the alleged poisoning attempt on an elected leader.

“We are here today because we stand in solidarity with Mr Arati and his team. Even though we are in different political camps, we don’t support such heinous acts,” said Mr Onuso.

The group said they are waiting for Mr Onyonka, being the victim, to recover fully so that he can officially report the incident to the authorities.

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