After hearing rumourss that two female students from a well-known high school had passed away while others remained hospitalized after consuming contaminated food at school.

Kenyans online have expressed a range of emotions about the situation. This comes only a few short weeks after the nation has been coming to terms with and closing the chapter on another tragic event that took place at Mukumu girls high school. Where more than two students and one teacher were sent home owing to contaminated food.

According to the information that was just posted on the well-known blogger Abuga Makori’s Twitter handle, this is the case.

A tweet by Abuga that has caused widespread panic in the country reads, “I can authoritatively report that at least two students from Gesiaga High School in Nyamira have died and at the moment, several others are silently hospitalized after consuming contaminated food.” This post is the one responsible for stiring netizens emotions.

The blogger claims, in addition, that the circumstance is extremely precarious and that significant action must be taken regarding the problem.

“According to our sources, the current health crisis could be even more severe than the one that occurred in Mukumu Girls in Kakamega. The only distinction is that nobody has attempted to magnify it because Gesiaga is a rural school located in the interior regions of Nyamira and falls within the Bosamaro ward. However, it does perform adequately,” he stated.

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