My wife, do not disappoint me.”

These were the words of George Wanga, the husband of Homa Bay Woman Rep Gladys Wanga. George uttered the words when he led his family to present Gladys to the people of Homa Bay County over her aspiration to contest the county’s governor’s seat.

He said this in presence of the Luo Council of Elders in charge of Kochia ward during an endorsement ceremony held at Ligisa Secondary School. George said he had presented his wife to the people of Homa Bay with an appeal to Gladys not to let him down. He urged campaign smartly and ensure she becomes the second governor of Homa Bay County.

“I present my wife to the people of Homa Bay County unconditionally. But I am appealing to her not to let me down,” George said.

His words meant that Gladys had been released by her family to run for the seat. The green light gives Gladys an opportunity to interact with anybody concerning her bid. He said his wife’s aspiration for the seat was a blessing for Kochia clan in Rangwe Constituency where he hails from.

Sourced from Standard media

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