Shorn Arwa is not a new name in the Entertainment industry. Many refer to her as a slay queen, while others see her as a content creator or comedian thanks to her viral videos shared on social media.

Arwa has been making headlines through her Instagram videos, where she often has conversations with men during the COVID-19 period.

However, Arwa has now revealed the type of men he prefers dating, with her selection leaving netizens in wonderment.

In an interview with a local radio station, Arwa said she prefers a 15-year gap or men who are on a life support machine.

“I love older men, a gap of 15 years up to those in life support machine,” Arwa was quoted saying.

When asked about the preferred age for her, the content creator said a preferred age of 50 years and above is favourable for her.

“My preferred age would be 50 years old to those on life support machine or also on the grave will be favourable to me,” Arwa said

According to Arwa the reason for her selection is she believes she is too much to handle and dating someone of the same age only complicates the relationship.

Her first video would go viral when she was addressing ‘sponsors’ who according to Arwa seem to have forsaken slay queens ever since the quarantine period started.

Arwa was quoted saying most of these men can’t spare time from their wives; to go check on their sugar babies who are now left stranded in terms of ‘status’ in the secret relationships with these men.

She would go on to release another viral video which saw Arwa tell off young boyfriends who insist on dating slay queens; when all they can offer is free sex.

By K24 digital

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