In a dramatic turn of events, auctioneers descended on the office of Seth Panyako’s Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) today to seize and resell property in an attempt to recover unpaid dues.

The trade union had been served with a court order permitting the auctioneers to take action against the organization, following reports of outstanding debts owed to a businessman.

However, the raid did not go as planned, as KNUN managed to negotiate their way out of the predicament by making a substantial financial deposit. Auctioneers, speaking to journalists, confirmed that the raid was ultimately unsuccessful due to this last-minute resolution.

This recent development comes only two weeks after Seth Panyako, the leader of KNUN, found himself embroiled in a disagreement with President William Ruto over the implementation of a 3% housing levy. The dispute between Panyako and Ruto has generated significant public attention and caused divisions within the nursing fraternity.

The decision to resort to such drastic measures as an office raid highlights the gravity of the situation concerning KNUN’s unpaid dues. While the specific amount owed remains undisclosed, it is evident that the debt had reached a point where legal action was deemed necessary.

The auctioneers, armed with the court order, arrived at KNUN’s office earlier today, accompanied by security personnel. Their intention was to seize assets that could be liquidated to recover the outstanding dues. However, before the auctioneers could execute their plans, negotiations took place between KNUN representatives and the aggrieved businessman.

It appears that KNUN managed to secure an agreement with the businessman, enabling them to make a financial deposit as a sign of goodwill. This deposit likely satisfied the businessman’s concerns for the time being, and consequently, the auctioneers were compelled to abandon their mission.

The resolution of this tense situation, albeit temporary, provides a temporary reprieve for KNUN. However, the incident serves as a reminder of the organization’s financial challenges and the need for them to address their outstanding debts promptly.

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