Allegations have emerged suggesting that President William Ruto and Deputy Rigathi Gachagua are experiencing a decline in popularity just eight months into their term.

Pauline Njoroge, an advocate for the Azimio One Kenya Alliance, recently disclosed these claims. According to Njoroge, Ruto, through Interior Principal Secretary Raymond Amollo, is reportedly engaging in the practice of recruiting Azimio bloggers. This alleged move comes in the wake of Kenya Kwanza Alliance bloggers withdrawing their support due to unfulfilled promises.

Njoroge further revealed that she herself was approached by senior government officials who purportedly offered her a monthly payment of Sh 500,000. The proposal was contingent on her severing ties with Azimio and aligning herself with the Kenya Kwanza Alliance regime.

Pauline further revealed Kenya Kwanza Alliance stooges are using former Prime Minister Raila Odinga-ex aide Silas Jakakimba, who is a close friend of PS Omollo, to buy Azimio bloggers using taxpayers’ money.

“My brother Silas Jakakimba, you are here claiming how the previous regime left a big financial hole which Ruto is trying to fix, yet last week you and your very senior friends the government were offering me Ksh 500,000 per month to cross over? Where was that money going to come from if the country is in a financial hole? You should just have kept off this topic because I and you know the truth,” Pauline wrote on her Twitter page.

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