Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala is under fire for despising police officers and describing their jobs as the easiest in the society.

According to Cleophas Malala, the police officers main job in the society is just to carry guns and that it does not require any education.

“Kazi ya askari si ni kushika tu bunduki pekeyake? Iyo inahitaji masomo yoyote kweli? Mheshimiwa Musalia kama mtu alienda form four na alipta C+ tumpleke yeye university aende asome. Kazi ya askari ni ya hao majamaa ambao wako hapa hawa wenye waliwacha shule na hawakufanikiwa kumaliza shule. Ama mimi naongea vibaya?” Said Fire breathing Malala.

However, Kenyans had the following to say regarding Cleophas Malala’s sentiments:

“For me it’s the audacity! He is mocking the police officers pointing at them. Does he know there are very many very educated police officers who have trained in all fields? My friend who is an officer has masters. Ignorance is bliss.”

“Now this makes me so mad ,when u go to other countries you always hear them telling men &women in uniform thankyou for your service .in our country we are undermining and humiliting the very pple u expect to protect u 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️”

“Lack of respect to the armed forces! I thought they have been advocating for “kazi ni kazi!”Malala MUST apologize to the police officers and to the entire nation for undermining the uniformed officers.”

“On behalf of all Uniformed Police officers , Let me take this opportunity to address Cleophas Malala , our families are voters , we are also voters as well , calling the National Police Service school dropouts is wanting and unbecoming , I therefore advice any person related to Police officer not to vote for such reckless Leaders who vomit venom whenever they open their Mouth. Our families are not complaining a bout our Education so Malala is a Mindbogler .”

The police man hapo kando is in disbelief it does not have to be like this n they say they are there for the less fortunate n hustlers but at the same time insult the same people.”

“I know hundreds of policemen that are more educated that him😠😠
You cant demean people like that.”

“I love how God has surrounded Ruto with people who finish him politically😂😂. Ruto the other day lost votes for all Safaricom and Kenya Airways employees after his runningmate Gachagua threatened to take their money if Kenya Kwanza wins and in less than 24 hours, Cleophas Malala has subtracted from Ruto all the votes belonging to police officers and their children, their mothers, their fathers, their girlfriends, their mpango wa kandos etc😂😂…God is dealing with Ruto step by step😂😂😂”

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