Kelvin Kiptum’s Side Chick Leaks Their Private Chats

A Kenyan TikToker, known as LastbornTowoo, has found herself under fire for sharing content featuring the late athlete Kelvin Kiptum.

LastbornTowoo, who purported to be a close friend of Kiptum, posted WhatsApp conversations, alleging they were exchanges between her and the athlete. The content, which includes screenshots and a 10-minute WhatsApp video call, claimed to depict plans for a date between the two.

This sparked controversy, with some netizens questioning the authenticity and appropriateness of LastbornTowoo’s content. Earlier, she had shared emotional posts mourning Kiptum, adding to the intrigue surrounding their alleged relationship.

Additionally, another woman identified as @jeylaaa.jeylaa also drew attention for posting emotional content involving Kiptum, further stirring confusion among netizens.

Critics have lambasted these women, accusing them of seeking attention and disrespecting Kiptum’s family.

Asenath Rotich, Kiptum’s wife, described him as a devoted father, emphasizing his commitment to his family. Kiptum’s last social media message expressed gratitude to his family for their unwavering support.

The tragic loss of the 24-year-old world record holder has deeply affected his family, particularly his father, Samson Cheruiyot. Cheruiyot expressed profound anguish, revealing plans he had with his son to provide for the family, including building a house and buying a car.

He believes that his son’s untimely demise was not part of God’s plan but rather the result of sinister forces at work.

As the fallout from Kiptum’s passing continues, the focus remains on honoring his memory and supporting his grieving family, while scrutinizing the motives behind the controversial content shared by LastbornTowoo and others.

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