Retired Governor of Mombasa County, Ali Hassan Joho, has been missing from the country’s political controversy for various months now.

His dearth has been outstanding since his boss and political mentor, Raila Odinga, forfeited the 2022 presidential contest to William Ruto.

Nonetheless, in a startling turn of events, Joho recently refunded to the country and met with administrators allied to President William Ruto. Among those he fulfilled were East Africa Legislative Assembly, EALA unit of Parliament, Hassan Omar Sarai, and Mohamed Dhagar, nation Department for Transport.

Hassan Joho, Hassan Omar, Mohamed Dhagar-State Department for Transport and other authorities. (Photo courtesy).

Many political critics are now inferring that Joho’s rescue and conferences with Ruto’s allies may symbolize his expectation to switch political loyalties from the Azimio La Umoja Movement to Kenya Kwanza, Ruto’s political celebration.

Joho, who also fulfills as the Deputy Party authority of ODM, has not given rise to any official announcements heeding his political intentions. Nonetheless, quotations close to him imply that he is unhappy with the path of the Azimio La Umoja Movement and understands that Kenya Kwanza may be a better equip for his political aspirations.

Joho has always been a tough political battalion in the Coastal region and has often been inferred to as the “Sultan of Mombasa.” He has assembled a substantial political following, and his endorsement could considerably sway the political geography in the region.

The action to switch political commitments, still, could have considerable repercussions. Joho’s divergence could further destabilize the already uncertain alliance, Azimio.

Similarly, Joho’s switch to Kenya Kwanza could be seen as a treachery by Odinga, who has been his political educator for many years. Odinga and Ruto have a long chronology of political hostility, and Joho’s move could further weaken the already tense connection between the two commanders.

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