Makena Njeri is among the most celebrated female celebrities on several social media account platforms. Today on her latest post on instagram, she took the internet by storm after sharing a photo of her in black and white.

On her caption, she wrote thanking her mother for always encouraging her to reach where she is right now. Despite her mother’s absence, she is so proud of her well up bringing that her advice has strengthened her till today that she celebrates her birthday.

Have a read through of what Makena wrote on her caption.

Most of her fans reacted to this post as majority of them joined hands in wishing her a happy birthday as she turns a year older. Check out on the other reaction that was made on social media after Makena shared this post.

My mother used to say before you can say Jack Robison you will be done with school and heading out to start your life. She was right! Bless her soul my angel 😇 .

Even before I could say Jack Robison I was done with primary and high school so fast and now as an adult I often reflect on how fast those days flew by as a teenager. The multiple life experiences I had that shape the older me right now.

The innocence that comes with being a teenager should be nurtured more. I celebrate the younger me on this first post because that person was brave, resilient and determined. I celebrate the younger me who dared to dream and aimed for the stars . The younger me who knew that from a very young age I would be treated differently by an inhumane society but still kept pushing forward knowing that freedom lies ahead.

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