Ruto Makes Major Reshufling in the Govt

Today in the evening, reports have emerged that the president of this country Dr William Samoe Ruto has made a major appointment on his goverment as he is allowed by the law of the land.

As reported by the star news, the president has appointed Mr Humphrey Muttanga Mulongo as the new director general of Kenya Revenue Authority, KRA. According to the star, Ruto’s appointment was communicated by the ministry of finance through a gazzete notice that dated 22/08/2023. He will occupy this position for the next three years. Rispah Simiyu has been acting on this position following the exit of Githii Mburu.

The Harvard trained biochemist will become the seventh KRA boss after the shock exit of James Mburu Githii in February, to pursue personal interests.

Mr Wattanga, who said mobilising capital for development is a noble challenge that he ‘fervently seek to pursue with a passion’, holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania, USA and a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry (cum laude) from Harvard University, USA.

The Alliance High School alumnae has over 15 years’ global experience serving as a business development, corporate finance and transaction adviser to private equity entities, private sector companies, development finance institutions, governments and public organisations.

As Commissioner General, Mulongo will be tasked with overseeing tax administration and revenue collection efforts, ensuring compliance with tax regulations, and implementing strategies to enhance revenue generation. His appointment is expected to bring fresh insights and direction to the KRA’s operations, impacting the country’s economic trajectory.

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