Govt Makes Major Changes on CBC System

The imminent Kenyan education system, that is, the Competency Based Curriculum (popularly known as CBC) has taken a major twist after the Kenyan Government institutionalized changes on the curriculum.

Addressing via the Ministry of Education Cabinet Secretary Mr Ezekiel Machogu today the 26th day of October 2023, the Kenyan Government has instituted critical changes on the number of subjects taught in the Competency Based Curriculum.

The Kenyan Government has shot down the number of subjects taught in Lower Primary (which essentially encompasses Grade 1 to Grade 3 learners) from the current eight to seven.

The state has further announced a strategic reduction in the number of lessons taught in Lower Primary in a week from 35 to 31.

The Kenyan Government has further intimated a reduction in the number of subjects taught at the Upper Primary (which is made up of Grade 4 to 6 learners) from from the current 10 to 8.

The state divulged that learners at the aforementioned cadre of education will be taught 36 lessons per week, down from the current 40 per week.

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