What Ruto Agreed to Give Raila During Secret Talks

Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua has been very vocal in belittling the ongoing bipartisan talks between president William Ruto’s government and opposition leader Raila Odinga’s Azimio la umoja one Kenya alliance camp.

Speaking during a burial earlier today, according to report, the country’s second in command alleged that when his boss president William Ruto met the former prime minister, the president agreed to give in to one of Raila’s alleged demands.

Gachagua surprisingly says that the president agreed to give the former prime minister unstated financial benefits amidst a series of demands from Mr Odinga.

He says that the demands also included the need for president William Ruto to give Azimio three ambassador positions in his Kenya Kwanza administration and other senior government appointments for Odinga’s allies in the opposition.

He maintains that the president rejected these demands. Speaking separately in Nakuru, the president appeared to read from the same script as his deputy, stating that he had rejected alleged requests for him to create several positions for the opposition.

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