President William Ruto has affirmed that government will make major changes in education. The president has affirmed that his government will hire 35000 teachers every year until there is no shortage.

The president is firm that the shortage that has been in education is monumental and it must be addressed as quickly as possible.

President Ruto has maintained that education remains his number one priority and that’s why he is going to ruthlessly deal with impunity. President Ruto has maintained that his government will support education through additional of more teachers.

Ruto is clear that in the next financial year which will begin in July more teachers are going to be employed. This will be done until at a time when every class will have a teacher so that impunity can be addressed as quickly as possible.

President Ruto has urged the trained teachers to apply for they have a great opportunity during his tenure as president. Whether government will succeed in ending corruption so that only professional teachers are employed, only time will tell.

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