Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga has maintained his popularity in some regions perceived as his political bastions.

According to a survey done by research firm Infotrak, Raila is still the most popular presidential candidate in Coast, Western, Nyanza and North Eastern regions.

The poll reveals that Raila’s popularity stands at 48 per cent in the Coast, 33 per cent in North Eastern, 38 per cent in Western and 57 per cent in Nyanza.

The former Prime Minister has maintained the lead in the regions despite frantic efforts by his arch political rival Deputy President William Ruto to try and make in-roads in his bedrocks.

Ruto has been rolling out an aggressive campaign targeting Raila’s strongholds ahead of the presidential election.

The second-in-command and his allies have been reaching out to grassroots leaders across the country and hosting delegations from areas that have supported Raila in successive presidential elections.

Ruto has held several meetings with religious and grassroots leaders from the Coastal region, Kisii and Western regions in a bid to sway the regions to support his 2022 presidential bid.

Though he has not completely attained his objective, Ruto’s rapid and consistent visits to Raila’s strongholds have earned a significant chunk of the votes in Odinga’s turfs.

For instance in Nairobi where Raila used to have a better chance of garnering more votes in the past, today DP Ruto is the most popular presidential aspirant ahead of the ODM chief.

He has also managed to improve his popularity in some of the Raila’s strongholds such as Coast, North Eastern and Western.

According to the poll by Infotrak, Ruto now has 24 per cent popularity in the Coast, 25 per cent in North Eastern and 23 per cent in Western.

By People Daily

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