Until yesterday when Kenya’s fifth president Dr Wiliam Ruto was unveiling his cabinet menbers, many Kenyans who were not privy to the discussions leading to the appointments were sure that youthful Kiharu constituency member of Parliament Hon Ndindi Nyoro was going to be named a cabinet Secretary.

President William Ruto and Kiharu constituency member of Parliament Hon Ndindi Nyoro in their last week’s foreign trip. Photo/Courtesy.

This is due to the close relationship between the vocal lawmaker with the President William Ruto. Ndindi is among the politicians who have stood with the head of state since from time he was the deputy president where he got sidelined by his boss former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

However, it came as a shock to many when Nyoro was not named a minister, instead, from Murang’a County Kandara counterpart Alice Wahome was named a minister.

But was the move by Ruto a dissapointment to Nyoro or a plan which had been discussed by the two?, possibly, yes, the two must have agreed. But why would he be left when all allies have so far been rewarded?. Well, I have compiled a few reasons here.

The first reason. Ruto must be calculating ahead and is grooming Nyoro for bigger roles, by appointing him a cabinet minister, Nyoro would lose a touch with his residents and common wananchi. Maybe Ruto is considering making Nyoro a powerful politician in Mount Kenya.

Maybe the head of state plans to have the youthful member of Parliament as his deputy in his next term, just Maybe.

Secondly, the president might be in need of Nyoro’s political assistance as he serves as the president, by not having a load of responsibilities, he can perfectly perform this function.

Third reason, among the Mount Kenya politicians, Nyoro is the youngest, maybe the president asked him to relax as the older are a few years away from hanging their boots, Nyoro will still occupy big positions.

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