Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, mistakenly endorsed Ababu Namwamba during campaigns in Budalangi area of Busia county.

While addressing the crowd on Wednesday, August 3, the former Prime Minister, who is seeking to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta on August 9, announced Namwamba’s name before quickly correcting himself.

Raila intended to campaign for Raphael Wanjala who is contesting for the constituency’s Parliamentary seat in the upcoming General Election.

“Here in Budalangi, it is Ababu Namwamba! No no! It is Raphael Wanjala,” announced the former Prime Minister as the crowd cheered.

His endorsement came shortly after he claimed that Namwamba had betrayed him after he (Raila) helped the former Chief Administrative Secretary of Foreign Affairs grow politically.

Namwamba shifted his allegiance to United Democratic Alliance (UDA)in January 2022 and declared his support for Deputy President William Ruto – who is also vying for the Presidency.

In his address, Raila compared Namwamba to the proverbial hyena which was stuck at crossroads during a hunting period.

“Ababu is confused. He was my protégé and I nurtured him to the CAS position. Wen he left, he looked the other side and saw greener pastures.

“I told him to go there and he should only blame himself when he gets lost. I have no problem with that,” the former Prime Minister explained.

Wanjala is seeking to retain his seat since clinching it under the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party headed by Raila.

The parliamentary seat in the Western Kenya constituency oscillated between the two leaders every election cycle.

Wanjala first served as the Budalangi MP from 1997 for two terms before Namwamba took over in 2007. The latter was dethroned by the former in 2017.

The former CAS, who was ODM Secretary General, quit the party in July 2016 after accusing its leadership of betraying him.

“After consulting the Banyala elders who advised me to resign and ditch the party, and from your decision as the electorate of Budalang’i and former ODM delegates, I am giving in to your wish of resigning as the party secretary general,” he announced at the time.

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