The newest and fastest-rising political party in Kenya is seemingly at a crossroads as its presidential candidate and his running mate are engaged in a push and pull over whether to go the whole way into next week’s General Election or throw their weight behind one of their competitors.

If the decision is the latter, then Roots Party might be staring at a bleak future because Prof. George Wajackoyah and Justina Wamae both might be looking at different ends as far as who to support for the State House job goes.

The tug of war presumably began after Wajackoyah, in a now viral video while at an entertainment joint in Kisumu, was perceived to have endorsed Azimio la Umoja One Kenya’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

“I am here to join in the pack of liberators in this country. And the person I look at, the person who makes me stand here is none other than Raila Amollo Odinga,” the Roots Party boss is heard saying in the 37-second clip.

The party has however since denied claims that, by uttering those words, Wajackoyah was actually declaring his support for Odinga’s candidature.

In a statement to newsrooms by Spokesperson Jaymo Ule Msee, Roots Party sought to clarify that Wajackoyah had accorded respect to all three other presidential candidates, intimating that it was only the part where he spoke about Odinga that was allegedly edited and shared in order to push some sort of agenda.

Jaymo further stated that, matter of factly, the Roots Party presidential candidate did not and will not endorse any other aspirant for the seat, and that he is in it upto the ballot.

“The notion that Prof Wajackoyah has endorsed Raila Odinga is a hopeless imagination and a wishful thinking that only exists in the minds of a biased media,” noted the Spokesperson.

“We understand the various political camps have panicked over their expectations vs reality in this election and therefore have resulted in all underhand means to create a notion of winning this election. We would like to distance ourselves from those claims and assure our supporters that victory is coming.”

In a surprising twist, however, Wajackoyah’s running mate Justina Wamae came out to say that the Roots Party boss had indeed endorsed Odinga’s candidature.

Wamae also added that she was not consulted in the making of the decision, further stating that if asked to follow suit then she would “support the contrary.”

“It is true the allegations that my principal and party leader is supporting Azimio, but we have not discussed that as a party; we have not agreed, neither have I been consulted,” she told Citizen Digital.

In a subsequent statement to newsrooms, she added: “However, let me make it clear that if push comes to shove and am asked to support the other 3 presidential candidates who are our worthy opponents then; I, Justina Wangui Wamae, a youth and a woman of sound mind would support the contrary.”

By citizen Digital

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