The reign of a former police reservist who murdered two other officers was brought to an end In a hail of bullets in January 2005

Daniel Cheruyoit, who was employing the same tactics being used by a fugitive cop Caroline Kangogo, escaped multiple police dragnets until he was gunned down in a five-hour shoot-out.

The operation to bring him down was led by police commissioner at that time Maj-General Mohammed Huissein Ali and CID director Joseph Kamau.

At that time Cheruyoit had made a name for himself in Imara Daima where he was appointed the Estate’s security Committee.

File image of wanted police officer Caroline Kagongo

File image of wanted police officer Caroline KagongoTWITTER

His run off with the police came when he gunned down a corporal in Ruiru called Brian Ogola.

To make it worse, Cheruyoit went further to shoot another flying squad officer who was part a team formed to hunt him down in Imara Daima.

The dreaded former cop killed the flying squad officer and stole his AK 47 rifle.

As this was nothing to him, the hardened criminal later gunned down constable Maina Cheserem.

This made him be placed on the list of the most wanted men in the crime watch division forcing the officers to mobilize themselves and launched intensive investigations to nab him.

A Ksh100,000 bounty was placed on his head and he was now a wanted dead or alive man, forcing the search for Cheruiyot to extend to Uganda and Tanzania.

In an unbelievable mafia style, Cheruiyot phoned the control room at the police headquarters and issued a warning that he would keep killing officers one by one until they backed off.

But his tactics hit a dead end when one informer disclosed to the police of his hiding place revealing all the possible escape routes for the fugitive cop.

Cheruyoit tricked the police that he was going to surrender only to fire a shot at one of the flying squad officers who had raided his house.

His was flashed out of his hiding place by sharpshooters who rained bullets on him.

The police watched him as he cried to death.


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