Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga has called out Deputy President William Ruto and ANC chief Musalia Mudavadi over what he termed as hypocrisy in their lamentation on the state of the country’s economy.

Speaking on Thursday at Cyrus Jirongo’s United Democratic Party (UDP) NDC at Multimedia University, Odinga the Kenya Kwanza team should not use Kenya’s economy to woo voters.

“In 2003, our economy was growing at zero-point-something percent, we had hit rock bottom, donors had cut funding for Kenya, corruption was our best-performing industry,” he said.

“Strangely, the people who handed us to such an economy are now lecturing us on how our economy is doing and how good they can be in fixing it, what a shame! What a lie!”

The Kenya Kwanza brigade of DP Ruto, Mudavadi and Ford-Kenya leader Moses Wetangula, according to Odinga, were part of a leadership which saw a huge slump in the country’s economy and are only pretending to be concerned about the current state of affairs in order to win voters.

“All the Kenya Kwanza principals were in or were associated with the government that in 2003 handed to Kenyans that economy, a dilapidated economy, a collapsed education system, a dead health sector and a horrible international image,” said Odinga.

“What can they do now to fix our problems? What have they ever fixed in the past?” He posed, dismissing them as “deluded and delusional.”

Odinga further dismissed critics who have taken issue with his endorsement by President Uhuru Kenyatta as his successor in the August General Elections.

The former Prime Minister said that his cordial relationship with the Head of State has brought stability in the country.

“My unity and handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2018 brought stability to our land, it gave the president the space to work for our land,” he said.

“It ended the era of blackmail, endless politicking and threats he was being subjected to. The hostage takers fled when the handshake happened and the country has been able to move forward.”

During President Kenyatta’s Sagana III meeting on Wednesday, the Head of State outrightly endorsed Odinga as his successor, saying he has the best interests for the country.

“I’m asking you to support Raila Odinga as he means well for the country,” said President Kenyatta, adding that he had no problem supporting Ruto in future “when he reforms”.

Leaders allied to DP Ruto have since dismissed the move, saying the President should retire peacefully from the country’s political arena in order to keep his legacy intact.


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