Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has asked ODM party leader Raila Odinga to swallow his pride and back Deputy President William Ruto in his 2022 presidential bid to end the political debt that has existed since 2007.

Sudi said the DP’s support for Raila in 2007 earned him a lucrative premier position that he enjoyed during the era of grand-coalition government.

Speaking during the burial of Langas Primary school head teacher Christine Owako at Umina in Ugunja constituency, Sudi said that the DP and his lieutenants rallied the Kalenjin community who gave Raila maximum support in 2007.

He added that whilst Raila never succeeded in capturing power, he secured a deal that earned him the prime minister post.

“We closed roads by erecting electric poles and went to an extent of burning tarmac roads until Raila who was our flagbearer, earned a premier post,” he said adding that its time for ODM leader top reciprocate.

Sudi said Raila is his close friend and that he knew him through his son, the late Fidel Odinga, but the relations are still intact despite our political ideologies.

Sudi who was warmly welcomed in Ugunja, urged Luos to continue embracing political intolerance and give chance to every aspiring candidate chance to sell manifestos without interruptions.

“We want to see Ruto making inroads in Nyanza Counties to sell his policies without interference from any quarters just as we have been doing to Raila when he pays a visit in Eldoret,” Sudi said.

The legislator said it is through such intolerance that Kenyans will grab sound policies of each contestants and make decision on whether to go for bottom up narrative that gives funds direct to Kenyans or adopt the policy of those seeking to give of Ksh6,000 as security fund to the aged.

“We cannot allow the return of polls skirmishes that’s why Kenyans must be prepared to make a decision that would see presidential leader getting a landslide victory,” he added.

He further urged the Luo Nyanza voters and Kenyans at large to shift their allegiance to the DP and vote for him in 2022 for their woes and plights to be addressed through the bottom-up economic narrative.

“I want the Luo community who have turned out to bury this my friend to know that they have a political debt to pay, and we are optimistic that they will vote in favour of Ruto in 2022 as a way of paying it,” he added.

By People Daily

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