Mixed Reactions as Snake Bites a Fleeing Suspect

A man in his middle age from Kiandegwa in Mwea Constituency Kirinyaga county is in deep pain after he was bitten by a snake when he was trying to flee from the area chief in 16th June 2021.

According to the report, the middle aged man was accused of peddling bhang in the area. He was bitten by a snake the evening of 16th and after the incident he hopped on bodaboda and rushed to Kîmbîmbî hospital, where he was admitted for a period of five days.

“When I saw the chief I had to hide in a nearby bush, then I accidentally lied on a snake hiding in the dry leaves,” the suspect narrated.

But it is his daily activities that rose suspicion.

He catches snakes from the rice fields and takes them home, a practice he has been undertaking for years now.

The suspect by the name peter ngure surprised the residents after they learnt that he has been bitten. According to them, Peter is an expert in catching wild animals from rats to snakes.

“When we heard about the unfortunate incident, we were shocked. We wondered what kind of a snake was that,” says Mary Wambui, an area resident.

Peter narrated that he has learnt the behaviors of reptiles making it easy for him to know how to catch them.

“Snakes hide under the rocks. So when I get to an area where there is one, I imitated the sound of a frog

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