Raila Likens DP Ruto to Hyena as 2022 Race Hots Up

ODM leader Raila Odinga on Saturday kept on attacking DP Ruto over the huge amount of cash that the politician have been donating to churches and welfare groups. Without specifically calling out his name, the former prime minister asked where the Dp is getting all the monies. He alleged that those monies are proceeds of corruption that has taken root in the Jubilee administration.

“He wants to do harambees for women groups and youth groups with cash stuffed in sacks. He goes to church. Then they say he respects God. But he is coming with your money,” this he said in Mombasa.

“You are being bought with money stolen,” the former prime minister added.

As Raila is always known for his riddles, he narrated a story of a farmer who kept many goats and sheep and was being disturbed by an hyena. With this, the politician liked DP Ruto with an hyena.

The farmer kept many goats and sheep but every morning one or more were missing.

The farmer learnt a hyena was eating away his animals.

And so, he built a proper structure for his animals to keep them safe.

When the hyena came, it found the door closed and couldn’t open it.

Finally, the hyena visited a witchdoctor who advised it to bleat like a sheep when it visited the animals.

The hyena followed the advice and animals opened the door, thinking it was one of their own. The hyena ate all the animals.

ODM leader claimed that those who keep on donating huge amount of cash to churches only to convince Kenyans to vote for them then turn against them after being elected are like hyenas.

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