At least twenty people are missing as two people have been confirmed dead after a mudslide wiped homes around the seaside area. This happened around 60 miles southwest of Tokyo, sweeping away home across the seaside city amid Japan’s rainy season.

According to the footage which was shared on social media platforms, it showed how the mudslide swept the mountainside of the city, destroying infrastructure in the area and shooting down houses.

As of Saturday several rescuers team have gone to the area to search for the missing individuals. The Atami city reporters had confirmed that a total of two women have been confirmed dead and a search for missing people is undergoing.

Sakae Saito, the mayor of Atami city, told reporters that up to 100 to 300 households were affected by Saturday’s mudslide.

As of 2 p.m. local time, about 2,830 households in the city were out of power, according to the Tokyo Electric Power Company.

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