Random beef between internet personality Andrew Kibe and nearly every celebrity in Kenya has been ongoing for days, and this time Comedian Mulamwah has called him out asking him to respect women.

Mulamwah took to social media and in insta-stories he told off Kibe for his sentiments over his lcareer and family where Kibe claimed the comedian has been on a downhill after his girlfriend’d pregnancy.

Questioning his influence, the father of one did a comparison and contrast of his daughter’s Facebook page against his page which is already almost at par.

“Stop mentioning names to survive, avoid cheap clout and have respect for women because they are surviving in a country yenye ilikushinda. Naskia uko majuu, beef piga na kina Lil Wayne na Rihanna huko,” he wrote.

In a plot twist, Mulamwah used some strong words after a comparison of Kibe’a following with Keila’s making it look like the beef was a little strong and personal.

These comments from Mulamwah come just a few weeks after Jalas and Eric Omondi both bashed him.

In his part, Jalas asked Kibe to stop focusing on people and their business.

“Don’t be bitter with everyone. If your stuff isn’t working out, that’s a ‘you’ problem. Don’t start looking at what is working for other people and start discrediting them. I see people on social media trying to punch holes in what other people are doing. They are not the reason why things aren’t working for you,” he stated.

Eric Omondi too did not spare the ex presenter and revealed that he was being kept by a 57-year-old woman and has been relying on the said lady for everything, from food to shelter and he, therefore, has no moral authority to address anyone.

“Andrew Kibe lives in a woman’s house in America, he eats a woman’s food and sleeps in a woman’s bed. Mtu amewekwa na mumama has no moral authority to address anyone. Arudi Kenya afanye kazi kama wanaume engine. (He should come back to Kenya and work like his fellow men),” Omondi claims.

Kibe was however quick to respond with a video where he is seen with a lawnmower machine with a caption that reads:

“I’ve landed my first job here in America. Hapa ni kuomoka mbaya( We balling).”

By K24 digital

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