Apostle With Two Sex Organs Narrates The Struggles

Apostle Dallan from Kisumu has revealed that she was born with two Functional sex organs. He/she has impregnated a girl and has also been impregnated.

She/he was born to a Kenyan mother and her father’s origin was Zanzibar. He/he had hard times while growing up because girls used to call her boy while boys used to call her a girl.No one wanted to play with her.

She used to dress like a boy but when she turned 14 years, she started menstruating. She didn’t change her dress code. When she was 24 years old, a lady from the church approached her and confessed her love to him.

Her mother encouraged them and disclosed to the lady about Dallas’s condition. They got married and were blessed with a son together. They later separated after they had an argument and his wife threatened to tell everyone about his condition.

She later fell in love with a man in the church. After a few months, she fell pregnant with him. Her mother took her to a gynecologist after realizing she was pregnant. They helped her walk the journey until she delivered a baby girl.

She accepted her condition and started educating the community about children who are born with two sex organs. She said that she is now a mother and a father. She has urged people to love and accept people with such conditions.

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