Businessman and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) presidential hopeful Jimmy Wanjigi has assured his supporters of a free and fair nomination process for candidates seeking to vie for elective posts on the party’s ticket.

While meeting the youth in Nairobi cunty on Tuesday, November 2, Wanjigi allayed any fears that the party’s machinery will scuttle the nomination process ahead of the August 2022 general elections.

“ODM should understand that we are people who believe in democracy. Raila Odinga whom we like so much for his respect for democracy must be at the forefront of upholding that democracy,” Wanjigi said.

The businessman further stated that he will seek the ODM’s ticket in his quest to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta come 2022.

“I am contesting on no other ticket but ODM. We are praying and hoping that we have open and democratic nominations this year,” the presidential hopeful said.

Wanjigi further asked his supporters not to be troubled by reports of a few individuals within the party who are allegedly planning on hijacking the party nomination process.

“We are hearing people say that a few individuals will decide who gets the ticket in some room, somewhere with a few delegates. That is not democracy,” Wanjigi said.

The businessman further stated that should ODM not adhere to a democratic nomination process for its presidential candidate, then the party will also fail to do so for the ward representative position.

Wanjigi also accused a number of party officials of holding delegate conferences behind closed doors contrary to the set regulations.

“That is not democracy. You do not decide with a few friends behind closed doors on who are delegates,” Wanjigi said.

By People Daily

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