Taking to her social media page, a lady identified as Susan Makena accused a popular politician of neglecting to support his 2 years old child.

According to her, they met during a time when the vocal politician was living in Lang’ata and Susan used to wash clothes to earn a living at the same place.

He crushed on her for the first time and followed to give her clothes to wash for him, exchanging numbers in the middle and their relationship started there.

This ended up the two having a good time and later he blocked her!

She said he blocked her after realizing their one-time night had born fruits and did not want to take the responsibility of raising the child as a father.

“Mimi ni mama wa kufua. Tulipatana na yeye Lang’ata, akaniitisha number na akaniita nimfulie, mwishowe tukaelewana na vitu vingine kufuata,” said the lady.

Her post elicited mixed reactions with a section of her friends asking her to report the matter to the children’s office others called off for being cheap but one of her mutual friends Getty Liz wondered how she was struggling to raise a child whose father is financially stable.

Taking to the comment section she wrote:

“Wewe mwanasiasa ako na pesa akupe ball akutoroke ulee pekee yako, be serous! Don’t make moves where you won’t get justice, unajua hii Kenya mtu akiwa na pesa, teach him a lesson my friend, kuna JuJu, hebu call 0722157760. Na utaniambia.” Her comment read.
The lady picked interest and called the number.

It was established that the man was a habitual womanizer who had impregnated several ladies within the estate who fell for his tricks and later abandoned them.

The contact belonged to Doctor Wema Kamaliza a relationship expert who has revived hundreds of failed marriages and relationships.

The herbalist promised to intervene.

Susan was so surprised that barely a week after she contacted Kamaliza, the politician contacted her and pleaded for forgiveness.

He claimed he was being haunted every time he tried to make it out with another lady.

His manhood was also developing sores and had started oozing pus, and a mysterious squeaky voice was informing him to go back to her and apologise.

He could also not sleep in peace as bizarre voices of a child would haunt him every now and then and he had no choice but to accept responsibility.

Has someone impregnated you or given you a child but denied responsibility? Worry not. Just contact herbalist Wema Kamaliza for immediate intervention.

Sourced from Tuko

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