Politician Misleading President Ruto Exposed

Nominated Member of Parliament John Mbadi has criticized President William for “lying” to Kenyans that the cost of living in the country has gone down.

Mbadi who was speaking to a local media house on Thursday morning holds the view that the rising cost of living in Kenya today is due to some policies put forward by the government of the day.

“One of the reasons for the rising cost of living is coming up with policies that affect the living standards of people,” Mbadi said.

The ODM party national chairperson who is also an expert on matters economy says that Ruto cannot claim he has managed the cost of living if the indicators show that the cost of living is high.

Lack of money to spend amongst Kenyans and cost of taking loans are some of the indicators that Kenyans are still experiencing hard economic times according to Mbadi.

“If you want to know the cost of living is coming down, there are indicators and one of them is money in the pockets of Kenyans. The cost of taking loans. If the interest rates are rising, then the cost of living is rising.”

Mbadi’s statement comes at a time when President William Ruto and his foot soldiers have publicly confirmed that they have addressed the high cost of living in the country.

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