Drama in court as controversial private detective Jane Mugo accuses journalists of being relatives of the people who allegedly kidnapped and assaulted her.

While appearing before Nairobi Chief Magistrate Susan Shitubi for fresh charges, Mugo broke down in tears claiming journalists are selling her photos to the kidnappers.

“Your honour relatives of my kidnappers are in this court and the journalists taking photos of me are the relatives of the said kidnappers ” Jane Mugo lamented.

Mugo who could not calm down also pointed a finger at the investigating officer who is handling her criminal case claiming he once investigated him on corruption allegations.

“I was kidnapped because I investigated someone powerful on corruption and the police are after my life. They want to kill me, ” she cried.

Chief Magistrate Susan Shitubi was forced to cut short the court proceedings and took a short break to her chambers to allow Jane Mugo to calm down in order to listen to her grievances.

Before causing drama, Mugo was charged afresh after the court allowed an application by the prosecution to make amendments on her charge sheet.

The magistrate ruled that there was no prejudice to the accused if the prosecution is allowed to amend the charge sheet since only one witness has so far testified.

According to the amended charge sheet, the private detective is alleged to have used a firearm with intent to commit a felony.

“You are charged that on February 4, 2019, at Kyuna Close Spring Valley in Gigiri sub-county within Nairobi county being a firearm holder certificate number 2455, used your firearm CZ75 COMPACT CESKA pistol serial number C095957 and threatened to shoot Deepa Shah who was at their family home, ” the charge sheet read.

The matter has been scheduled for hearing on March 8, 2022.

By K24

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