Comedian Mammito has revealed that she is frightened by some African men’s huge packages as she is not built to receive satisfaction from such mjulubengs.

Mammito made this revelation on her Instagram page where she posted a video in which she described what she meant very vividly. In the video, the comedian noted that some African men are carrying “too much down there” and whenever she is exposed to such packages she just picks up her bags and leaves. 

The video which was simply captioned “Too much”, received a lot of comments from fans and celebrities alike. Actress Nyce Wanjeri took to the comment section to co-sign the comedian’s sentiment, noting that “too much oooh naaah”.

Other commenters were left flabbergasted by Mammito’s unfiltered honesty in the short videos and wondered whether it was factual or she was just doing one of her many comedy skits just to entertain her audience.

Is this why she left Butita?

If Mammito was being honest in her video, who could she be talking about? The star hasn’t revealed whether or not she is dating ever since her breakup with fellow comedian Eddie Butita. Or could this be the reason why she broke up with the rising star?

On his part, Butita has chosen to stay quiet about their breakup even when fans tried to ask him why Mammito was not present during his birthday celebrations.

The versatile media figure was showered with affection from all corners of the internet, but the one person everyone assumed would at the very least wish him a happy birthday was nowhere to be found.

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