Fuel Efficient Cars: CAZA: When buying a car, one of the most important things to consider is fuel consumption. With more and more fuel guzzlers seeing their way into the country and the prices of fuel going up, it’s important to know which car is economical for you.

Fact is; low fuel consumption vehicles are cheaper to maintain. Whether you want to buy a car or you want to switch to a more fuel efficient car, we got the answers for you. Caza has come up with a list of 8 most fuel efficient and economical cars in Kenya. You’ll find all these cars in our search results.

Fuel Efficient Cars: Toyota Vitz and Toyota Passo

Toyota Vitz and Toyota Passo are pretty much the same car, in fact their fuel consumption is the same. The main difference in these two cars is the size, Toyota Passo is bigger and more spacious that Totota Vitz.

These cars both have a fuel consumption rate of 15 Kmpl (Kilometers per liter), with a 3 or 4-cylinder engine which ranges from 1.0L to 1.8L. They use both petrol and diesel.

Fuel Efficient Cars: Honda Fit

It is a superb car with a spacious interior, put emphasis on safety, powerful engine and fuel economy among other great features. In 2002 the car won the Japanese car of the year awards and has made many improvements since then.

It has a 4-cylinder engine, 1.5L and a consumption of up to 14.5 Kmpl. This is truly the ultimate fuel efficient car to own.

Fuel Efficient Cars 2020
Honda Fit 2015

Fuel Efficient Cars: Nissan March

The main reason these small cars were introduced was to save space and fuel, Nissan March does both perfectly. It looks small but the interior is pretty spacious and is fit for a small family.

It can also accommodate cargo in since you can fold down flat the rear seat and create more space.
It has a 3-cylinder engine, 1.0L to 1.5L and fuel consumption of up to 21 Kmpl.

Fuel Efficient Cars 2020
Nissan March 2011

Mazda Demio

One of the things that separate Mazda Demio from other cars is its weight, weighing under 1,000kgs. The car’s small engine and light weight makes it a low fuel consumer and an economical car to maintain.

The car has a quality interior which is pretty spacious and can hold a capacity of 5 people; you can increase the boot capacity by folding flat the rear seat.

The car’s engine ranges from 1.0L to 1.5L and fuel consumption of 14 Kmpl.

Mazda Demio
Mazda Demio

Fuel Efficient Cars: Honda Civic Hybrid

Though it’s a little pricy, compared to most cars in this list, its fuel economy compensates for the slightly high price.

The hybrid has a 1.5L four-cylinder engine, fuel consumption of up to 18 kmpl and assisted when necessary by a 17kW electric motor. Unlike other hybrid cars, the Honda Civic doesn’t charge on a wall socket, the lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery is recharged as you drive.

Volkswagen Golf

This car has been on the road for a long time and over the years it has seen major improvements. The Golf uses either petrol or diesel; the diesel engine is 1.6L and petrol engine is 1.2L, this may vary depending on model year.

Not only is the car fuel efficient, it’s highly comfortable and spacious. The car has a consumption of up to 15 Kmpl.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is a stress-free economical car which promises years of good reliability. Other than excellent fuel economy, the car boasts of spacious interior, illustrious reliability and affordable price (a little higher than most cars in the list).

It has a 4-cylinder engine ranging from 1.5L to 1.8L which runs on both petrol and diesel.

Nissan Tiida

Tiida is a low cost maintenance car with a great fuel economy, the only thing that lets it down is the lack of safety features.

The car has a powerful engine, spacious interior and loads of other features. Nissan Tiida has an engine of 1800cc and fuel consumption of up to 15 Kmpl.

Courtesy Bizna Kenya

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