Kenyan men are a happy lot after coming across the video of a woman dancing in the church as the congregation watched helplessly.

The woman was just singing but all hell broke loose when she lost focus and started shaking what her Mama gave her seductively.

In fact, one could hardly tell whether the woman was in the church or whether she was in the bar entertaining guests.

As a result, Kenyans had the following sentiments to say after the video of the woman twerking went viral:

“This is very uncouth! I highly condemn it in Jesus name.. Please provide the address so I can go there and stop these shenanigans!!😡”

“I really feel that i need to go to a house of the lord🤤am really feeling it . I can go to this one tu ata kama.. iko wapi bro.”

“The truth be said ”if you happen to condemn such acts in church, you will be labeled anti church and this is how confused the church is”. You will be told how the lady is in Godly spirits. This is why Karl Max said I love Christianity but I have no passion for christians. It is not a surprise this church is full of people.”

“We don’t have churches in Nairobi. In Nairobi you are hired to go sing and dance. Anyway I have not gone to church for a long time. Hii naweza consider. Where is it?”

 “Now you want her to hide her assets juu ni church alaaar you want her to wear sacks.”

 “I thought all the body parts are sacred and given by God? Why are you lusting over someone’s daughter praising God? Acheni ushenzi.”

“Selling point if any products and services lies on the strong point, in this case, bonga points have immensely accumulated.”

“What’s so special about this meat,everytime it pass or shakes must turn back and view from behind with weird imagination.Am I alone am tuko wengi🤣🤣🤣 …..Wanaume twendeni kanisa.”

“This is why I will always love to be associated with our old church, ISRAEL CHURCH OF AFRICA. (PERGAMO OBEDE HQ’s). Where sin is rebuked, none is worshiped but God and conning is never tolerated.”

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