Police Officers Banned From Bringing Relatives Over For A Visit

It has been a tough year for police officers in this country. Apart from being front soldiers in this fight against pandemic, they have also seen reforms regulate their social life.

First it started with interior security CS Fred Matiang’i saying that police officers should not marry amongst themselves. This was due to rise of domestic violence between couple police officers.

 “Moving forward, it will be illegal for a police officer to date or get married to a fellow officer,” he said on the new police rules Kenya.

Police IG Mutyambai also banned police officers from discussing work related affairs on social media. He said that the aggrieved officers should always follow the set structure in the force to register their complaints. The rule was necessitated by two ladies who went viral after complaining harassment from their bosses.

Today police officers have been banned from bringing over relatives for a visit without permission from their bosses. The permission must be granted in written form. The new rule was issued by Deputy Inspector General of Police Aineah Olweywe.

“Any officer wishing to bring relatives or friends into the lines shall obtain written permission from orderly N.C.O (In-Charge Lines and Discipline) and shall be registered. Unauthorised person shall be registered. Unauthorised persons shall be excluded from police lines,” Olweywe said.

Being a disciplined force, we do not expect any demonstrations arising from this rule.

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